Personnel and Remuneration


Personnel and Remuneration System

SIPER is a Personnel and Remuneration System, developed and marketed by CSC-Chile Consultores, which allows both the management of the personnel file and the remuneration of officials within a company, and its interaction with the different pension and of health institutions.

With SIPER you will have an integrated system, easy to use and with multiple functionalities, which will allow you to have centrally all the information of your personnel, including contracts, settlements and medical licenses, among others.

Main Features

Easy operation system, in a 100% Web environment, under both ASP and housing modalities, with profiled access control. High-processing and low-cost non-invasive system.

Personal Main Features

Our Personnel System allows the management of the personnel file, which contains your personal, family, photo, social security, income and professional training records.

It also has a record of medical licenses, legal holidays, qualifications, resume, training, allows to program and authorize legal holidays, registration of judicial withholdings, settlements and contracts.

It has a wide range of reports such as: Personnel file, personnel report by Cost Center, Reports by Type of Contract, Income Certificates, Tax Withheld Reports, Family Charge Reports Statistical reports of licenses, reports of pending Holidays, Report of Judicial Withholdings, among others.

Remuneration Main Features

The Remuneration Module, allows defining the items of staff remuneration, either individually or massively to groups of officials, definition of calculation formulas, definition of settlements, record of absenteeism, record of overtime, record of arrears, capture discounts loans or savings banks, income from other discounts, complementary income and reliquidations, files and reports, legal forms, reporting module, among others.

Agust 17, 2015
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