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Electronic Invoice Management

DTEM is the Electronic Invoicing System developed and marketed by CSC-Chile Consultores, which allows the management by both Administrators and Users of the processes involved in the exchange of electronic tax documents, both between taxpayers and with the SII, of according to the standards established by the SII.

With DTEM enter the Digital world, replacing your current physical tax documents with electronic tax documents with the same legal validity and at lower costs and a better level of administration and management.

Main Characteristic

Easy operation system, in Web environment, under both ASP and housing modalities, with profiled access control. High-processing and low-cost non-invasive system.

Main Benefits

Among the main benefits of our system we can highlight:

Improvement of the business processes of our Clients as Taxpayers. Obtaining via internet the authorization to generate Electronic Invoices and DTE’s, eliminating physical stamping at SII offices. Use of Digital Certificates and Electronic Signatures to ensure the “authenticity” of the origin and “integrity” of the documents generated electronically, avoiding subsequent repudiation. Sending documents to the SII in Batch or individually according to the format established by the SII. Digital Storage of DTE’s, avoiding paper storage (6 years). Generation and Shipping of Electronic Tax Books.

Main Features

Our Electronic Invoicing System allows generating the different DTE’s, sending them to the SII and its receivers, both manual and electronic, transferring and storing the information, in addition to processing the different responses of acknowledgment or rejection, and allows the subsequent consultation of the information and its storage.

November 20, 2003
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